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KingSpeed Crystal (KSC)

Smart contract: 0x3ac0f8cecc1fb0ee6c2017a072d52e85b00c6694
Our token, named KingSpeed Crystal (symbol: KSC), is used in a number of ways:
  • To purchase certain types of Collectibles
  • To use as fuel to open loot boxes
  • To stake and participate in governance votes, give users the incentives to hold the token
  • To use to rent NFT cars
  • To use to participate in a prediction game
  • To use as a reward for completing certain actions or achievements in-game or winning a race
  • To use as a fee to compete in the 1-1 racing game
KingSpeed token flow
In Kingspeed, besides our token KSC, there is also another token that is used in the game called gKSC, which holds the same value as our KSC token, which means that 1 KSC = 1 gKSC.
You can use gKSC to:
  • Buying in-game items, fortune ticket as well as a season pass.
  • Upgrade your cars in the future and hence, earn better.
  • Can cash out to KSC.