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KingSpeed Marketplace
  • NFT: The NFT will be displayed with the information: ID, rating, car power, name, price, buttons (buy, details, like).
  • Market: Where all the cars are being offered for sale. You can buy cars here, as well as list your car for sale.
  • Showroom: You might want to own some special NFTs that you can hardly see on the marketplace or simply buy a mystery box. We created a showroom where limited and seasonal items are available for you. Keep in mind that the NFTs will appear in a short time, after expiration, they will be removed from the showroom.
  • History: The record for all of your previous transactions in Kingspeed Marketplace.
  • Wishlist: Save your desired items to buy them later on. You can add cars to your Wishlist by clicking the like button on the car sales interface.
  • Fees: The KingSpeed marketplace has a 2% seller fee on every successful transaction. Only $KSC is used as the currency of the marketplace. Therefore, when you purchase on the page, make sure to have enough $KSC with you.
KingSpeed Marketplace - My collection
  • My Collections - Inventory: The cars you have purchased on Market or opened boxes are displayed here.
  • My Collections - My listing: The cars you list for sale or for rent on the market will be displayed here
  • My collections - My game Items: To be able to play the game, you need to deposit the car from the Inventory section to the My game Items section