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Game mode

PVP Mode


  • 8 records of 8 different players will be pitched against each other.


  • A match will preferably contain cars of the same Stage and 1 stage higher/lower.
  • A match cannot contain cars with more than 2 Stages in difference.
  • A match consists of 8 cars. With no 2 records belonging to the same players.
  • When a player presses “Find Match”, if there is no current available match, a new Match will be created.
  • “Currently available match” must have all following:
    • It’s having a record of 1-7 Cars
    • It’s not having a record of that player
  • If there are currently available matches, that player will join one of them
  • After playing, the performance will be recorded. When the match has 8 records of 8 different players, rewards will be given to all players.
  • Until the match has enough recordings of 8 players, it will be in the “Matches” sections of all participating players.
  • When the match has 8 recordings, rewards will be decided and players can claim their rewards in the “Matches” section.